Automated Production Testing

Vector Network Analyzer Two-port device curves fit in a template

MegiQ provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for controlling the VNA application and measurements.This API is used for developing custom automated measurements in a factory.

The API can use preconfigured measurements and calibrations. It can perform measurements and process the resulting data, comparing it against a template or store the results for logging production data. There is a complete arithmetic set of functions that operate on whole datasets at the time.

Parametric sweep data is fully supported as a hiarchial dataset.

The API uses the COM-model and can be used under most popular programming languages such as C#, C++, LabWindows/CVI, VB and VBA for MS-Office. There are example programs in several languages to get quickly up to speed.

The graph here is part of a (simple) VBA template program in Excel.

We have an API for both our VNA software and our RMS software.

Check out our VNA API Manual in the resources section.


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