Measuring Management

Screenshot of Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Session Manager

Our test equipment is more than a test-set with a screen.

Our application software provides an integrated tool to easily store the measurements at different stages and create a log of what we have done. Each measurement stores all data and settings, including display, markers and calibration.

This makes it easy to retrace the steps or to compare different measurements and document the changes in a design.

When a measurement is reloaded you can continue your measurement from that point on.

MegiQ Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) example report output

When it is time to create a report for documentation or for a customer you can load the measurement session from the lab into your desktop copy of the software and create clear and easy to read Smith Charts or Radiation Patterns that can be readily pasted into your reports.

At this time you are still free to choose the graphs and representation from the measurement data.

These features are available in both our VNA software and our RMS software.

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